William Vollers

William Vollers finds self expression and gratification exploring several artistic mediums including assemblage, collage, photography and most recently digital imagery. In all of his work there is a consistent sensibility and aesthetic which perhaps can be best defined as abstract minimalism. An example of this is very evident in his digital imagery which is evocative and suggestive prompting the viewer to interpret and respond to the image from a purely personal veiwpoint. His primary source of inspiration comes from the environment around him, for example the seeming chaotic pattern of barren tree branches or the  transience, imperfections and natural deterioration of objects.

Recent Exhibits:

The Chelsea International Fine Art Exhibit Agora Gallery                                                   530 West 25th Street                                     New York NY                                               2015

"Hommage A…"                                        Mystic Museum of Art                                   Mystic Ct                                                        2019                                        

"This is Not Art"                                        Mystic Museum of Art                                   Mystic Ct                                                        2017                                                HONORABLE MENTION

“The Wabi-Sabi Aesthetic"                       Studio 80 + Sculpture Grounds                     Old Lyme Ct                                                  2017

"61st Regional Show"                                Mystic Museum of Art                                   Mystic Ct                                                         2017                      

"Gallery One Exhibit"                             Guilford Art Center                                  Guilford CT                                                          2017                                                 

"Summer Sculpture Showcase"                  Studio 80 + Sculpture Grounds                   Old Lyme CT                                                   2016


Vollers' work featured in

Take Magazine                                                https://thetakemagazine.com/ 

The Woven Tale Press VOL IV #1